Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my employer see my private health information?

A. No, your private health information is completely confidential and will never be shared with your employer.

Q. Will there be a change to my insurance plan and/or carrier?

A. No, there will not be a change, your coverage will remain the same. The Health & Wellness Center is an added benefit for insured employees and their families to use.

Q. Do employees have to use the clinic?

A. Employees who choose to participate in the wellness program will need to use the clinic for the incentive program. In addition, employees and their families may choose to continue to use their current physician.

Q. What will be the cost to participants who use the Health & Wellness

A. There will be little to no cost for insured employees and their families to access the clinic, either for the visit or for any drugs dispensed at the clinic.

Q. What drugs are dispensed at the Health & Wellness Center?

A. The Health & Wellness Center will stock 25 to 50 of the most frequently used generic drugs. Please click on this link to view the list of drugs available at the clinic: Health & Wellness Center Drug List

Q. Where will the Health & Wellness Center be located?

A. Please see the addresses and links at the top of the page for a map and directions.

Q. What are the hours of the Health & Wellness Center?

A. Please see links at the top of the page for hours.

Q. Will the Doctor be affiliated with a local hospital?

A. No, the doctor will be completely independent. As a result, referrals will be based on the facility that can provide the highest quality and most cost effective service.

Q. What is the number of the Clinic?

A. You can reach the clinic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During normal business hours, you can reach the staff at the Activate Health & Wellness Center. After normal business hours (for urgent events), your call will be forwarded to a nurse on call who will be able to help you assess your situation and offer guidance as needed.

Q. What if I am an employee but am not on my employer’s insurance?

A. The Health & Wellness Center is a convenience for employees who have obtained insurance only.

**These resources are not intended to provide medical advice. Activate Healthcare does not fully endorse any of the references provided. Please discuss your individual healthcare needs with your Health & Wellness Center providers.